Farm & Land Management

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Farm & Land Management

Wall & Associates is in the unique position to offer Farm & Land Management real estate assistance. Our partners have in excess of 100 years of experience in real estate, over 30 years in farming, and nearly 30 years in farm management.

Research tells us that more family farms will change hands in the next five years than in the last twenty. The average age of a farmer now is 60 years of age. The younger generations are not choosing farm life and surviving spouses of farm property may not be able to continue farming on their own. 

If it has anything to do with farming, Wall & Associates can help; from consultation to complete farm management. 

Our services include

  • Perform a complete inspection of the farm.

  • Make recommendations regarding lease alternatives, discuss the income potential and benefit of each.

  • Locate the best qualified operator (if necessary) or meet with current operator and negotiate a lease agreement.

  • Monitor participation and compliance with applicable government programs.

  • Develop a soil analysis program for fertility improvements of the farm.

  • Discuss your farm’s profitability, competitors, market conditions and other factors to help you make more informed decisions.

Looking to Sell?

If desired, we can also sell farms. We work with 1031 exchanges as well and have access to a pool of buyers wanting to purchase through a 1031 exchange program.

 Naturally, we have the ability to perform residential and commercial brokerage services as we have done since 1989, but our land and agriculture expertise sets us apart from other real estate companies, making Wall & Associates a true full-service real estate partner to the clients we serve.

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